Year 5


Welcome to Year 5

PE is on Fridays and children should come in PE kit, this can be found on the website.
Swimming is on Wednesdays, children should come in uniform and bring swimming kits/towels in a bag.

Your child will also be using Times Tables Rock Stars and will be given login details for this. This is to support their timetable knowledge with quick games that can earn them points to change their avatar.

Please make sure that your child is reading daily out loud as well as to themselves. It would be helpful if you could support your child with their fluency by also asking questions about what they are reading. This will ensure that the children are understanding what they read.

Year 5 Teaching Staff

Miss Regan

Teacher in 5ER

Miss Jones

Teacher in 5NJ

Mrs Ali

Teaching Assistant

Mrs McDonald

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Lees

Teaching Assistant


We start the year by blasting off into the atmosphere to begin our space topic.

We will engage with a variety of space themed texts both in Guided Reading and Literacy lessons.
Science features heavily within this topic: discovering how Ptolemy and Copernicus effected how we perceive the solar system, as well as the various phases of the moon. In History, we will learn about the Space Race between Russia and America, and in Geography we will investigate places chosen to be launch sites for famous missions into space. Our topic includes a trip to the Space Centre.

Space Curriculum Map

For homework we'd like you to create a space project.
We would love to see a creative project based around space, you could create a poster, fact file or model of the solar system. Return your projects to school so that they can displayed in our classroom and to earn dojo points for your effort with your learning at home. We look forward to seeing what you come up with!


In Spring term we will travel back in time to the Viking age.

We will find out how they link to the Anglo Saxons and the Battle of Hastings, where the Vikings came from, why they came to Britain and their impact upon our country. Within Design and Technology, we will test, design, create and evaluate, our own Viking long-ships using knowledge we have gained in science and art. In Literacy, we will explore myths and legends as well as ‘How to Train Your Dragon!’
This topic also includes a visit from a Viking specialist along with Viking equipment. We will listen to facts and stories from the period, as well as make and play our own Viking games and learn how to defend ourselves in battle!

Curriculum Map Coming Soon


For our Summer term, Year 5 will be heading deep into the unknown and learning to ‘survive’!

As the weather warms – hopefully - we will explore many different survival challenges while showing great teamwork, communication and effort.
In Literacy, we will enjoy reading a range of texts. Within this topic we will develop our History and Geography skills further, as we look into the race to the South Pole, undertaken by Scott and Amundsen, as well as the climate regions and how to best survive these.

Explorers Curriculum Map