Meet the Moorhill Members

Mrs S Sindrey

Headteacher; Strategic Leader - Overall Outcomes: Quality of Education, Behaviour and Attitudes, Personal Development, Leadership and Management, Early Years; Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mrs C Snowden

Deputy HeadTeacher; Leader of Learning for Years 2 & 3; Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead; Strategic Inclusion Leader (PP); Strategic Curriculum Lead; Assessment Lead

Miss K Edwards

Leader of Learning for Reception & Year 1/Reception Teacher/Marketing Lead

Mrs O Hassell

Leader of Learning for Years 4, 5 & 6/Year 6 Teacher/Maths Lead

Mrs K Asplin

School Business & Finance Manager

Mr M Wood

Site & Premises Manager/Health & Safety Lead

Mrs J Liley

SENCO - Strategic Lead for Special Educational Needs and Disabilities; Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead; Looked After Child Lead (LAC); Year 2 Teacher

Mrs W Andrews

Inclusion Manager/Attendance Lead/Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Ms T Fletcher

Clerical Assistant KS2

Mrs J Hayward

Clerical Assistant KS1

Mrs A Cox

Clerical Assistant KS1 & 2/Attendance Officer
We think positively about ourselves and our abilities. We can achieve what we set out to do!

Miss A Stanford

Reception Teacher/PSHE Lead

Mrs M Fellows

Reception Teacher/Art Lead

Miss R Eustace

Year 1 Teacher/Phonics Lead

Mr L Morrissey

Year 1 Teacher/Physical Education Lead

Mr S Bishop

Year 2 Teacher/Geography Lead

Miss L Percival

Year 2 Teacher/Design Technology Lead

Miss C Snape

Year 3 Teacher/Science Lead

Mr P Bayliss

Year 3 Teacher

Miss V Waterfield

Year 4 Teacher/Music Lead

Miss R Martland

Year 4 Teacher/History Lead

Miss N Jones

Year 5 Teacher

Miss E Regan

Year 5 Teacher/ECT

Ms T McHenry

Year 6 Teacher/Computing Lead/Curriculum Lead
We think positively about ourselves and our abilities. We can achieve what we set out to do!

Our Learning Support Team


Mrs T Astbury

Forest Schools

Miss M Wortley

ELSA Leads

Miss H Miles & Mrs C Sharrock

Phonic Tutors

Miss A Palmer, Mr M Hughes & Mrs N Allen

SEND Support Staff

Mrs K Lees, Mrs L Brady & Mr D Roberts

Early Years Support Staff

Mrs Z Blundell & Miss J Abberley

Learning Support Staff

Mrs K Rotchell, Ms M Barfoot, Mrs C Bates, Mrs J Bates, Mrs S Ali, Miss C Davies, Mrs K McDonald, Miss A Hanson