Moorhill Primary School and Shaw Education Trust are delighted to announce that Moorhill Primary School has been graded Ofsted ‘GOOD’ following an inspection in November 2021.

Here are a few highlights from the report:

From the moment you walk through the door at Moorhill, you are in a world of ‘believing and achieving together’. Pupils enjoy being in school. They value their friendships. Pupils see themselves as respected and important members of the school community.  

Pupils understand that each person is an individual and that diversity is something to celebrate. They enjoy learning about different faiths. They think that ‘it is important to learn this so [that] we understand and respect other people’s religions’.

 Pupils know that there are different types of bullying and that none are acceptable. They agree that everyone must speak out about bullying or poor behaviour. They say bullying happens but that adults sort it. Pupils know how to behave in school. They understand that some pupils need a little help to follow the rules.  

The school’s values of teamwork and respect are seen throughout the day, in and out of lessons. Pupils know what makes a healthy relationship and what an unhealthy relationship is. They feel safe in school. Learning within personal, social, health and economic education helps pupils to speak with knowledge and maturity around issues such as pollution, climate change and leadership. 


Ofsted Report November 2021

Performance Data


Year 1 Phonics Screening Check 2023 

Number of children: 49

Percentage pass: 


Year 6 SATS 2023 

Reading - 65.3% 

Writing - 65%

Maths - 71%

GPS: 71%

Combined: 59%