Early Years Foundation Stage at Moorhill Primary

At Moorhill Primary School we recognise that every child is a competent learner who can be resilient, capable, confident and self-assured. We know that children develop in individual ways and at varying rates. Children’s attitudes and dispositions to learning are influenced by their school and home environments and we begin to build links with families.

We observe how each child learns to gain an understanding of the characteristics they develop to become effective learners. We use questioning, praise and encouragement to develop a positive attitude to learning and high self-esteem.

During their first year at school, the children are introduced to the learning habits. They are taught to be observant, investigative, curious, determined, imaginative, adventurous, co-operative and to use reasoning. Children begin to understand the concept of the growth mind-set. They are taught that they can ‘grow their brains’ so that they understand that everyone can learn with practice and effort. The children are taught how to learn and how to become successful learners.

Parents as Partners

We recognise the important role parents play in educating their children and actively encourage parent views. We do this by:

Working closely with parents during the term before their child starts school through phone calls, emails and meetings (where possible).

Informing parents about Reading, Writing and Maths in the Early Years and how they can support their child at home.

Encouraging parents along with their child, to attend consultation meetings every term to discuss their child’s progress and next steps.

Providing parents with a written report on their child’s characteristics of learning, attainment and progress at the end of each school year.

Encouraging parents to contribute towards their child's learning journey by making observations in the home, and recording them through their child's portfolio on Class Dojo.

Sharing our approach to reading and phonic teaching.

Sign posting parents to additional support systems that may be needed.

Seeking parent views through annual questionnaires.

Learning Environment

We have two Reception classrooms which mirror each other in layout and provision. Both classrooms lead out to our newly resurfaced and extended Free Flow area at the front of the school. The environment, both indoors and out, facilitate child-initiated play and provides children with carefully planned opportunities to explore, create and learn.

Information about the curriculum, including areas of learning, and safeguarding in Reception can be found in our Early Years Policy

Early Years Policy

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We value the importance of play at Moorhill Primary. We know children learn best when they are engaged and taking part in activities they have self chosen. Our curriculum enables this play to be developed in order to challenge and extend children's skills and knowledge.

EYFS Curriculum

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We understand the need to assess for risks in the Early Years and we update our risk assessment annually, with relevant amendments made as needed throughout the year.

EYFS Risk Assessment

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Helping your child to be 'School Ready' means to support your child with their basic skills so they are prepared for full time education.

Am I ready for school?

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Long Term Overview 2022-23

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Induction Video for Reception 2022-23

We would like to wish our new intake of Reception children and their families a warm welcome.