Early Years Foundation Stage at Moorhill Primary

At Moorhill Primary School our curriculum is ambitious in providing all children with the knowledge, skills and understanding they need to be confident, self-aware, independent learners. We develop positive relationships with each child and get to know them individually, so that we can understand their needs, interests and how they learn best. We help children to create good learning behaviours and embed a love of learning.

In line with our school values, we aim to provide children with an education that provides them with opportunities to work as a team, to be respectful to those around them and those in the wider world, to put effort into all that they do, to have high aspirations and to develop self-belief.  The children’s learning takes place in a welcoming and caring environment, where each child is recognised, valued and all achievements are celebrated. Our environment, both indoors and outdoors, facilitate child-initiated play and provides children with carefully planned opportunities to explore, create and learn. We want children to become confident learners, who feel supported to learn and make mistakes. We value the importance of the prime areas of learning and provide opportunities daily for children to develop their speaking and listening skills, talk, share ideas and ask questions about their learning. We help children learn to regulate their emotions, build resilience and form strong relationships with others. This is done through a range of stories, songs and role-play. Physical development is key to children’s life-long learning. We place particular importance on helping children to develop physical strength, move with control and develop their fine motor skills to enable them to become efficient writers.


Our curriculum enables children to make connections between prior knowledge and new learning. We aim to develop children’s individuality and be responsive to children’s learning needs and the things that inspire and interest them. In partnership with partners, we are dedicated to ensuring all children develop their basic skills in reading, writing, communication and mathematics. We aim to provide children with the knowledge, skills and vocabulary that they should acquire by the end of the reception year, ready for the next stage of their education in KS1.

EYFS Documents

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