We are proud to have become part of the Shaw Education Trust family as of 1st April 2022.

Their Collaborative Approach 

They lead and manage academies in all phases, all sectors and in all communities.

They believe that every child should have the opportunity to be successful whatever their starting point. They pledge an unswerving commitment to improve, accelerate and enable ambitious life goals amongst all young people in our academies.

They don't believe in prescribing a curriculum; instead we support our academies to offer a curriculum that deepens knowledge, develops skills and fires the curiosity of students. They also expect each Academy to offer a range of support that addresses life after school, develops students' independence and helps them to prepare for university and the world of work.

Senior leaders at each Academy have the support of a core team and commissioned experts to provide high quality teacher training and development to staff to ensure they are continually developing their good practice.

They also encourage collaboration within and between our academies to create a community of professionals with a wide range of valuable experience and specialist knowledge to share.

Integrity and transparency underpin our accountability approach. They believe in earned autonomy for our academies, with the Trust Board providing the appropriate level of challenge and support - as well as oversight - to each. Local accountability is supported through a system of Academy Councils, 

Trust Values

To be pupil & people centred

To act with integrity

To be innovative

To be best in class

To be accountable

How does the Trust support the schools?

The Trust works alongside a local informal collaboration of infant, junior, primary, secondary & special schools as well as its partners. The schools work together to improve outcomes for children through activities such as:

  • Principal meeting & training - 'Heads Together'
  • SET competitions for children
  • Moderation activities for teachers to compare expectations & standards in different subjects
  • Support Hubs for subject leaders
  • Special Education Needs Hub Meetings
  • Finance & HR Hub Meetings
  • Governance Academy Councillor Cluster Meetings
  • Attendance Inclusion Hub Meetings
  • Joint staff meetings
  • Well-being evenings for staff from all schools
  • Shared Continued Professional Development including NPQs & Apprenticeships
  • Sharing of staff for coaching reasons
  • Buddy School System which include Peer Reviews across schools

Visit the link below to find out more information about Shaw Education Trust

Shaw Education Trust Website 

Shaw Education Trust is a growing multi academy trust sponsored by Shaw Trust

Shaw Education Trust policies

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