Forest School sets learning in a different context for children, it is great for developing physical motor skills, team work, self-confidence and an emotional awareness. It achieves these through exploration, problem solving, small achievable tasks and being encouraged to learn how to assess and take appropriate risks in the natural world. The impact varies from child to child, some have became more vocal amongst their peers, others more confident in themselves and all have learnt new skills such as sawing wood, climbing trees and crafting using natural materials.

Those who are unfamiliar with woodlands can become more confident in using them and this can form a life-long relationship with nature.


Learners with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities 

At Moorhill, we scaffold and adapt the learning in Forest School to enable all learners to succeed. 
Learning is adapted through:

- Explicit teaching and modelling

- Scaffolded resources 

- Pictorial examples and representations

- Use of technological resources to support learning. For example: videos on Ipads for demonstrations. 

- Frequent revisiting of skills within warm ups.

- Adult support where possible. 

- Adapted lessons/ outcomes.